Dussehra 2020 – Marks Hindu god Rama’s triumph over the devil king Ravana

Dussehra 2020


Dussehra 2020 will be celebrated on 25 October 2020(Sunday). 

Vijayadashami, otherwise called Dussehra, is one of the significant Hindu celebrations that is commended all over India toward the finish of Navratri consistently. It is seen on the 10th day in the long stretch of Ashwin or Kartik, as indicated by the Hindu schedule. The celebration is known by various names in different pieces of the nation and is commended in an exceptional manner all over. In south, east and upper east India, it is called as Durga Puja and recalls goddess Durga’s triumph over the bison devil, Mahishasura.

Happy Dussehra

The way goddess Durga took to reestablish and secure dharma. In the northern and western conditions of the subcontinent, the celebration is known as Dussehra. In these locales, it denotes the finish of Ramlila and commends master Rama’s triumph over the evil presence lord, Ravana. Around the same time or event, Arjuna without any assistance obliterated the entire of Kuru group that included warriors like Bhishma, Drona, Ashwathama and Karna. The triumph of the great (Dharma) over the fiendishness (Adharma) is regular to all accounts behind the celebration.

Dussehra Wishes

The celebration is commended contrastingly over all the states in India. In a large portion of the northern and western India, it is praised to pay tribute to Lord Rama. Show, move and music plays called Ramlila, in view of the story as portrayed in the Ramcharitramanas are performed at fairs (mela). Enormous models of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meganatha (his associates) are scorched meaning their end and the reclamation of dharma. This conventional practice was even perceived as one of the “Impalpable Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO in 2008.

Raavan Dussehra 2020

It depicts the celebration as being praised through tunes, portrayal, presentation and exchange dependent on the content Ramcharitramanas by Tulsidas, especially in verifiably significant Hindu urban communities of Ayodhya, Varanasi, Vrindavan, Almora, Satna and Madhubani. In numerous districts of Southern India, the celebration is committed to Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of information, learning and expressions. Individuals keep up, clean and love their instruments and apparatuses of their business and love goddess Saraswati.

Subh Dussehra 2020

In west India, both god Rama and goddess Durga are loved for their triumph over the insidiousness. Festivities incorporate fasting and petitions at sanctuaries and Dandiya and Garba being played while wearing customary dresses. In Maharashtra, the gods that were introduced on the primary day of Navratri are drenched in water and desserts are traded. Then again, the Gondi public, an Adivasi people group spread over Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and numerous pieces of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar observe Ravana via conveying a picture of him riding an elephant and singing commendations about him, as they consider the devil lord as their predecessor and one of their divine beings.

Ramlila 2020

In east India, the celebration is seen as Bijoy Dashomi. It is set apart by dirt sculptures being conveyed towards a water body for a goodbye to goddess Durga. Bengali ladies mark their countenances with vermilion (sindoor) on this day and wear some red apparel. The sculpture is submerged in water and the goddess is accepted to have gotten back to Mount Kailasha with master Shiva. The festival, whether or not it is called as Vijayadashami, Dussehra, Ram Navami, or Durga Puja, acclaims the completion of evil by the extraordinary.

Happy Vijayadashami

Any place it is commended or the way it is praised in, certainly connotes the foundation of Dharma and the abolishment of Adharma. It checks fresh starts, foundation of new and new thoughts in the general public and opportunity from cynicism and malicious that lives inside us. Through all the various stories, festivities and authorizations, the message that is engendered is, freedom and liberation from the current day indecencies and restrictions that are not before us exemplified as a human or evil spirit, however inside us as predispositions, generalizations and preferences.

Happy Prosperous Dussehra


The celebrations celebrated in India give the message of the triumph of good over evil in one manner or the other however the celebration which is known for this message is Dussehra. Precisely twenty days before Diwali. As per the Panchag, the Dashami of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month is commended everywhere on over the nation as Vijayadashami or Dussehra. Dussehra is one of the significant celebrations of Hindus.

Still from Ramlila

This celebration recounts to the tale of Lord Shri Rama, who, following 9 days of ceaseless war in Lanka, killed Ahkari Ravana and liberated Mother Sita from her bondage. On this day, Mother Durga likewise killed Mahishasura, subsequently it is additionally celebrated as Vijayadashami and mother Durga is additionally revered. It is accepted that Lord Rama additionally conjured the force by revering Mother Durga, stepping through the examination of Lord Shri Rama, one of the lotus blossoms saved for love vanished.

The Mighty Lord Rama Fighting with Evil king Raavana

Since Shri Rama was called Rajivayanan for example the lotus with eyes, he chose to offer one of his eyes to the mother, when he began eliminating his eyes, the Goddess seemed satisfied and gave him the shelter of triumph. It is accepted that upon the arrival of Dashami, Lord Rama murdered Ravana. This celebration of Lord Rama’s triumph over Ravana and Mata Durga over Mahishasura is praised everywhere on over the nation as the triumph of good over fiendishness and religion over profaneness.

Dussehra Vijayadashami 2020

Various styles of commending it have additionally advanced in various pieces of the nation. Dussehra of Kullu is extremely well known everywhere on over the nation, Durga Puja is likewise celebrated for a huge scope in numerous states including West Bengal, Tripura.

Ravana effigy in Dussehra 2020


Neighborhood occasions include:

Displays of the Ramlila (a short type of the epic Ramayana) in Northern India. A huge celebration and parade including the goddess Chamundeshwari on a seat mounted on elephants in the town of Mysore in the province of Karnataka. The gift of family and business related instruments, for example, books, PCs, cooking skillet and vehicles in the territory of Karnataka.
The readiness of exceptional nourishments, including luchi (broiled level bread) and alur dom (pan fried spiced potato snacks), in Bengal.

Durga Puja

Numerous Hindus additionally accept that it is fortunate to begin another endeavor, undertaking or excursion on Dussehra. They may likewise trade endowments of leaves from the Shami tree (Prosopis spicigera) as an image of the tale of the Pandavas siblings’ outcast in the Mahabharata stories.
Various people of the Hindu certainty watch Dussehra through phenomenal appeal social affairs and food contributions to the divine beings at home or in sanctuaries all through India. They additionally hold open air fairs (melas) and huge processions with representations of Ravana (a legendary ruler of old Sri Lanka).

Dussehra 2020

The portrayals are singed on bursts around evening time. Dussehra is the climax of the Navaratri celebration. There are numerous neighborhood festivities in certain territories in India that can keep going for as long as 10 days.

Pictures seen all through the Dussehra/Vijaya Dashami celebrations incorporate:

  • Campfires and firecrackers
  • Paper and wood likenesses of Ravana.
  • Red spots (tika) painted on individuals’ brows.
  • The likenesses of Ravana are frequently scorched on the campfires.

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